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Daily As Built Floor Plans & Photography


There are many advantages for using our iGUIDE Measuring service in the construction industry!

Our iGUIDE measuring services offers a unique and cost-effective option that enables you to gain a significant advantage in architectural and construction floor plans, as-built, and design drawings. With iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Accelerate building permit approvals and project collaboration.
  2. Obtain DWG floor plans in less than 48 hours, compared to the typical 5-10 days turnaround time.
  3. Save more than 50% on costs compared to traditional methods.
  4. Generate your final floor plans after the completion of your ground up construction projects.

iGUIDE’s camera system ensures accurate measurements, with a typical 1 cm (approximately 0.4″) degree of uncertainty, covering a range of up to 40 meters (130 ft). Unlike common handheld scanners that provide one laser measurement at a time, iGUIDE employs time-of-flight laser scanning technology, delivering thousands of laser measurements per second.

With the iGUIDE measurements, 3D tours and floor plans you can expect the following benefits 

Visual record of what is behind the walls

Keep a record of the plumbing & electrical wiring that is behind the walls

How many times are you asked or you wished you knew where the plumbing or electrical wires were located after the walls have been covered? 

We provide a service that records where these items are located so whether you,  your client or a contractor needs to “see behind the walls” you can show them virtually. 

With this service you have the option to get a sketch of the floor plan and a 3D Virtual tour.  

Virtual tours for your contractors 

Have you ever set up a walkthrough on a new project with your contractors and they don’t show up? Often times they claim that it is to far to travel or their schedules are to busy. 

We provide a solution that will help your contractors do their walkthrough so they can gather the information they need to provide their bids. They can actually measure anywhere on the photos and floor plan as well as virtually see what the space looks like without having to step foot into the building.  

Virtual Inspections
Man measuring inside a home

We can save you half the cost of traditional measuring methods!

How do you currently obtain your measurements and drawings?

The traditional process requires hours of traveling from room to room, manually measuring with a tape and drawing and documenting features. Often times returning back to the job site to obtain additional measurements. 

Manual measurement for a DWG floor plan leaves room for human error, potentially resulting in:

  • Extended timelines
  • Regulatory guideline violations
  • Financial losses from direct and indirect costs

Our service is quick and accurate. 


Collaboration with 3rd party contractors

How much time would it save you and your clients to virtually collaborate with your projects?

Sharing an iGUIDE virtual tour encourages seamless collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the project. Architects, engineers, contractors, and clients can explore the virtual environment together, discuss design elements, and provide feedback in real time.

With this option when you virtually move throughout the property, those you are sharing it with will see the exact same screen as you. This enhances communication, reduces misinterpretations, and fosters a collaborative environment for more efficient project execution.

Virtually Show a Property Photo

We have 3 options choose from to meet your project needs.

Mid-Construction Documentation

Mid Construction Photo

Mid-Construction 3D Tour & Sketch include the following elements:

  • 3D-Virtual Walktrough tour
  • Rough outline of the property
  • On screen measurements
  • Advanced on screen measurements
  • Tags
  • DXF (CAD Compatiable File)
  • Quickly and easily share virtual walkthroughs with stakeholders
  • Downloadable Offline File
  • Typical delivery time is 24 hours or less

As Built

Premium Floor Plans


Floor Plan for Dentist Office

As Built Premium Floor Plans include the following elements:

  • Floor plans with measurements
  • Location of fixtures and appliances
  • File formats. (JPG, DXF, PDF, and SVG)
  • Includes iGuide 3D-Virtual Tour
  • Virtual Realty immersive experience
  • Ability to personalize the visuals by tagging the locations of key fixtures, assets, hazards, etc.
  • Option to measure distances between arbitrary points in 3D space
  • Ability to keep a permanent visual record for reference of the spaces you create
  • Typical delivery time is 24-48 hours




DWG File of a Dentist Office

The premium upgrade also includes the DWG files with the following enhancements:

 LOD 200 – level of development

  • AIA – American Institute of Architects standard layers.
  • Wall types & placement
  • Wall sizes at ½” tolerances
  • Door types & placement
  • Windows placement
  • Structural elements
  • Partial floor to floor alignment
  • Room areas
  • Room dimensions at ¼” tolerances
  • Flat ceiling heights in major rooms
  • Typical delivery time is within 48 hours (Up to 5000sf) Larger properties will take longer depending on size
  • Annotations include labels, areas, objects, dimensions 
  • Imperial and Metric

A new level of accuracy

Welcome to the world of iGUIDE, where advanced technology meets ease of use and unparalleled accuracy. Our cutting-edge technology captures thousands of lidar measurements in an instant, ensuring industry-leading precision for your scanning needs.

When it comes to floor plans, precision is paramount. You can rest assured knowing that the data provided is reliable and up-to-date. Our meticulous accuracy becomes especially crucial in situations where even the slightest errors can result in costly mistakes.

With the our DWG Floor Plans, we provide the ultimate solution for accurate and reliable measurements. With our precise floor plans as your starting point, you’ll have the confidence to create your own drawings with unparalleled accuracy.

Our as built floor plan measuring service is very accurate. In fact, the typical iGUIDE measurement uncertainty, in distance measurement on a floor plan, is 0.5% or better and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is 1% or better

With our Premium Upgrade, acceptable tolerance for wall thicknesses is + or – 1/2”. This information is based upon the maximum dimensions of each room and will have an effect on room dimensions. Room dimensions can also vary.  Acceptable tolerance is + or – 1/4”.

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