I'm Greg Daily

Professional Photographer

I am Here to Help You Make a Statement!

Providing Solutions for Architectural Design, Luxury Real Estate and Branding in the Austin, Texas Metro Area

You know that the photos on your website and social media channels play a big role. Are you looking for a photographer that can help you build your brand and make a statement? If that’s what you’re after then I can help you with that. My name is Greg Daily and my company is Daily As Built and I specialize in providing as built floor plans and photography solutions for architectural design, luxury real estate and lifestyle and branding. I reside in the Austin, Texas Metro Area.

About Greg Daily


A little bit about me; I have been shooting professionally for over 20 years and that experience has taught me how to pay attention to the details yet see the big picture. Whether you are looking for a luxury real estate photographer, lifestyle / branding photographer or looking for images to spruce up your walls take a look at my work as we might just be a good mutual fit.

My passion for photography started around the age of 7 and over the years my passion would ebb and flow. I am often asked what I like to do for fun when I am not working. My passion is my profession, therefore I am often still behind the camera taking pictures.  At any given point time you might find me on a road trip, hiking a local trail or camping in a remote area or state park.  My second passion is cooking, therefore I have a knack for searching for a recipe either online or in a cookbook and getting some ideas and then doing my own thing.