Digital Glass

Commercial & Residential Applications

Printing on glass has evolved over the years and now we have Digital Glass where you can print any image directly on glass. You can print any photograph, design or pattern and incorporate it into your architectural design.

Digital Glass Features

Fully Customizable

You can print any digital image in just about any pattern

Custom Sizes

Sizes up to 12 feet long and 7 feet wide ( Choose from 3/8, 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 inch thickness)

Heat Resistant

Digital Glass can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470°

Environmental Friendly

Recommended for architects and designers working on LEED certified projects

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Commercial Applications for Digital Glass

The functionality and uses are limitless for commercial projects. Use your creativity to select an image, pattern and or text to integrate functionality into your spaces while adding atheistically pleasing art to your surroundings.  

Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, hospital, corporate office building we have you covered. We will help you design the functional with the artistic with digitally printed glass.

  • Backsplashes in Breakrooms

  • Corporate Signage & Wayfinder Signage

  • Elevator Cabs

  • Glass Tabletops

  • Room Dividers & Office Partitions

  • Stair Railings

  • Wall Coverings

  • Plus much more

Residential Digital Glass Applications

There are so many residential applications and options for glass in your home. Digitally printed glass can be installed as a glass backsplash in a kitchen, bar or bathroom. Have you thought about your shower door? How about an accent piece or a niche in your shower.  What about glass railings or room dividers. We can print any image, pattern or design and cut the glass to any shape so the options are endless. Let your creativity take over and think about all of the possibilities and options for digitally printed glass in your home.

  • Accent Pieces

  • Glass Backsplash

  • Feature Walls

  • Glass Tabletops

  • Shower Doors

  • Stair Railings

Fully Customizable 

Digital Glass Applications brings a fresh new concept and makes a statement for your client or yourself by incorporating fine art into architectural design. Imagine an evenly lit back lighted backsplash that shines through an image printed on glass. Often times there would be no seams, as we can print on sizes up to 12 feet long and 7 feet wide.

We cut your glass to your specifications, making sure that required cutouts for electrical outlets and unique architectural elements are accurate before your glass is printed. We then temper your glass and have it shipped to your location for installation.

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Functional Uses

Commercial Applications of Digitally Printed Glass of an Elevator Cab with a large tree

Elevator Cabs

Can you imagine standing in an elevator that looks like marble or wood, but isn’t made of either of those materials?

Elevators are likely the smallest room in a building. But, for a few minutes, it holds a captive audience. Architects, designers, and building managers understand that these small spaces are big opportunities to create a lasting impression.

Digital Glass Wall with an abstract image

Glass Walls

Walls are typically dressed up with paint, wall hangings, 3D dimensional art or left alone with nothing added.  Why not make a statement and add art and design by printing digitally on glass? Add a new element to your interior space by using glass as a room divider or interior room partition such as in a conference room.


Digital Printed Glass Picture of a longhorn over a stove as a backsplash highlight


You don’t have to remodel the entire kitchen or bathroom to make a difference in your home. Why not install a digitally printed piece of glass as an accent piece above your stove or range. 

The coolest thing is that you can install this in a way that you can change it out easily. So if you want to take it with you to your next home or you just get tired of the image and want something new you have that option.

Digital Glass Kitchen Backsplash with a glass photography panel

Glass Backsplash

Art and functionality have merged in the kitchen, not only do you have a functional backsplash, your glass backsplash can be backlit and seamless. The images are printed directly on the glass with sizes over 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. You can also easily clean your glass backsplash with your everyday glass cleaner.

Digital Glass on Wall

Wall Coverings

Every building has walls so why not incorporate functionality with art? Printing on glass lets you create spectacular printed glass wall coverings that are going to wow those that pass by or work in that space.

With the custom digital glass printing technology that is available today for commercial applications, you now have the ability to design your own interiors and make any wall into a statement piece.

Digital Gall in Shower Niche

Shower Doors & Niches

Not all showers have doors, but those that do why not look into designing and incorporating digitally printed glass into your project. Bathrooms are typically accented with rugs, towels and soap dishes and maybe a vase or two. Often times there is not much opportunity to add art and make a statement with the bathroom design. Well now you can. You can incorporate a digitally printed glass piece as part of your shower or shower door. 

Let’s Design Something Together

There are so many reasons to incorporate digital printed glass into your projects. Sustainable architecture and going green are a couple. The ease of keeping glass sanitary for installations in hospitals and kitchens is another one. The glass is intensely hygienic, functional and extremely durable and it just looks really cool and makes a statement.

The Versatility

Digitally printed glass is one of the most versatile products on the market.  There are many benefits contributing to its value from the color of your choice, to unique custom designs. You can make sure that it completely matches your environment, theme and style. Check out the commercial and residential applications.

Digital Printed Glass is Extremely Durable

Tempered glass is known for its durability and it is quite strong and scratch resistant as well as impact resistant.

Easy to Clean

Since digital printed glass can be printed on glass panels up to 12 feet long by 7 feet tall, the solid glass panels are almost seamless in many applications, which makes them very low maintenance. Sleek and flat glass surface makes it very easy to clean any stain or spill by just wiping it with any cleaning product of your choice. No more expensive cleaning substances are needed thus saving you money and tons of time.

Intensely Hygienic

Glass is a healthy and extremely sanitary choice for areas where you need to keep clean such as hospitals and kitchens. Since it’s not hospitable to mold, bacteria and viruses, maintaining hygienic glass requires little effort.

Heat Resistant

If you love cooking and you are concerned about the glass being exposed to a very high temperature for hours, you don’t have to worry about it with a tempered glass surface since it can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470° Fahrenheit.

Luxurious Look

Seamless and elegant, bright and clear appearance will bring luxurious touch to any project. Up-to-Date Look is guaranteed since you can always change it out easily with a new design. If it gets damaged, you can replace it with the exact match as previously installed. Meanwhile it also expresses its owner’s unique personality.

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