Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography means different things to different people. When you think about fine art are you thinking about all of the artists from the past where their art sells in the millions? Or you might be thinking about paintings or sculptures on display in museums. Yes, of course those are considered fine art. There is another medium that is not often thought of as fine art. Many don’t think that photography is fine art, well in many cases it might not be. However, there are a lot of photographers that consider themselves as fine art photographers and I am one of them.

Fine Art Photography


Cityscapes (Mostly Austin)

Variety of Animals (Both Wild & Domesticated)

Nature / Flowers / Landscapes


Fine Art Photography - Abstract Image Orange and White


Often times when people think of Fine Art Photography, they immediately think of Abstracts. I love to take images of everyday things but in a way that you can’t really tell what it is, sometimes I even forget myself. Thankfully, I have in most cases, added keywords in my image catalog which helps me remember. Sometimes abstracts are obvious and other times it is just a really cool image and you will have to use your imagination.

Red Fox and kits playing


I decided to include in my fine art photography portfolio images of animals of all types from birds and butterflies to those that you typically find in the wild and those that you can find on a farm or in your home. I don’t consider myself an animal photographer, however as I am out shooting, I often run across opportunities to photograph animals. From time to time, I will make trips to specific locations to photograph birds.

Fine Art Photography  - Tree with orange flowers and white fence


Over the years I have traveled across the country flying to destinations, taken short and long road trips just to captures photos of Flowers & Landscapes.

Some of my favorite landscape images are those that were within an hour or two drive and or captured at sunrise. I also find that the images are much more unique and interesting with clouds.

Downtown Austin from the boardwalk


When taking images of the Austin Cityscape, I often look for viewpoints that are not typically shot and or lighting that is unique. Over the years, the Austin Cityscape has changed drastically and is continuing to change. Most of the images in this gallery of the Austin Cityscape are from the last 6 years, which are now somewhat ancient. Check out my fine cityscape fine art photography. 

Sailboats on a cloudy day at the dock


Most of the time I don’t wake up in the morning thinking I am going to go out and take pictures of transportation.

Often, I am out taking pictures of landscapes and run across an old car or old truck that just begs to be photographed. Trains and train tracks are always fun to photograph as well boats. 

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